Simple Movers, LLC Names Boise the Best City to Move to in 2014

SML - The 10 Best Cities to Move to in 2014Looking to relocate to a new city this year? According to Simple Movers, LLC (SML), Boise, Idaho is the best city to move to in 2014. To determine which of the 150 largest cities in the nation were the best places to move to, SML gathered data from, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. They then analyzed five specific criteria:  unemployment rates, median income, “projected home value growth over 3 years,” and affordability.

Ranked number 1 in SML’s top 10 list was Boise, Idaho. Boise’s unemployment rate is 4.8% which is below the national average of 6.5%. SML stated that because Boise’s median income is $51,000, and the average home price is $168,000, home affordability is excellent. Finally, SML projects that the 3-year home value growth in Boise will be +30%. Visit to read the full article.

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