Idaho Falls Identified as a Top 10 Homeownership Metro Area

NAHB - Top Ten Metro Areas - Homeownership RatesUsing data from the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) examined the homeownership rates in metropolitan areas throughout the United States. The NAHB calculated homeownership rates for each metro area by “taking the total number of owner-occupied units [rented or owned] divided by the total number of occupied units for a chosen geography.”

Of the top ten metro areas with the highest homeownership rates in the country, Idaho Falls, Idaho ranked 8th with a 76.2% homeownership rate. NAHB pointed out that higher homeownership rates are linked to affordability within a metro’s housing market. According to the 2012 ACS data, the median home value in Idaho Falls is $153,400. To read the full article, visit

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