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Pictured from left: Tonya Reeves - Escrow Officer, Jennie Gridley - Escrow Assistant, Kevin Brocke - Business Development Rep., Kimberlie Blasius - Asst. VP & Escrow Manager, and Sharla Dudding - Branch Admin. Asst.

Pictured from left: Tonya Reeves, Jennie Gridley, Kevin Brocke, Kimberlie Blasius and Sharla Dudding.

Eagle, Idaho was established by settlers who found their fortune in agriculture during the 1860s when gold was found in the Boise Basin. Developer and rancher, Truman C. Catlin, first laid claim to 160 acres of land on Eagle Island which is located ten miles northwest of Boise. While he initially named the island after native state of Illinois, he was eventually persuaded to rename the island for the “large number of bald eagles that made the island their home as well.”

Because of the island’s location on the Boise River, irrigation ditches were constructed for agricultural purposes making the early farmers and ranchers there a handsome profit. As more settlers and homesteaders moved to the area, the Eagle township took shape and growth “really took off in 1907, when the interurban railway linked hamlets all up and down the Boise Valley.”

As of 2012, Eagle has an estimated population of 21,025 residents. As the city has continued to grow over the decades, Eagle has now become an area that offers residents an urban lifestyle with rural charm. To learn more about Eagle and its history, visit

The Eagle, Idaho branch welcomes the opportunity to provide title and escrow services for your next real estate transaction!

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