Associate Spotlight – Becky Loomis

Becky Loomis – Title Officer, Rexburg, ID

Becky Loomis is a Title Officer for Alliance Title’s East Idaho Production Unit in Rexburg, Idaho. She has been part of the Alliance Title team for 7 years and has worked in the title insurance industry for a total of 21 years. Her job duties as a Title Officer include searching title for real estate property in 6 Idaho counties and 2 Wyoming counties. Becky is well known for performing searches on farm files as well as the more difficult files that come to her branch.

Becky really likes working behind the scenes for Alliance and says, “I’m not one to like the spotlight or attention. I would rather be in the background doing what I do best.” What she enjoys most about what she does are the challenges that come with each file. While every file requires that she follow the same sequence of tasks to completion, she explains that every file brings its own set of challenges.

Her favorite Alliance Title core values are trust and respect because these values reflect her belief that you should treat others as you would want to be treated. According to Becky, that’s just how she rolls!

Becky admires her mom, dad, husband and daughter. When asked why, she says, “My mom and dad for what they taught us and for always being there when we needed them. My husband for being so strong and positive throughout our 27 year marriage (it’s a long story and wouldn’t have it any other way). Last, my daughter for being so strong in her endeavors. Things just don’t come easy and she keeps plugging along to follow her dreams.”

Outside of the office, Becky enjoys four-wheeling anytime, especially when there are big mud puddles around! Her other interests include camping, hunting, gardening and canning, crocheting, searching antique stores and reading.

“Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” is Becky’s favorite saying. She explains that her husband has said this statement to their daughter since she was little. She says, “Our daughter thinks of it as kind of a funny thing, but it comes in handy when you need it (no pun intended) and seems to have it engrained in all of us over the years.”

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