Associate Spotlight – Kristy Anstine

Kristy Anstine – Escrow Officer, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Kristy Anstine is an Escrow Officer at Alliance Title’s Coeur d’Alene, Idaho branch. She joined the company in July 2003 and recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary! As an Escrow Officer, Kristy’s job is to act as an independent third party, coordinating the necessary tasks, to transfer ownership of real estate. What she enjoys most about what she does is leading the escrow team in her branch and troubleshooting ways to close transactions more efficiently. She also enjoys helping to educate lenders and real estate agents about what Alliance Title does and how the company can better serve them.

Profitably is Kristy’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She says, “All other aspects of our core values (service, teamwork, accountability) all stand to support the bottom line. If we are not profitable, it doesn’t matter how well I service our clients because we will be out of business. We’ve got to make sure that the decisions we make make business sense.”

Jenny McCarthy is who Kristy admires most because, she says, “We both have sons on the Autism spectrum. To see the way she fights for her son and champions for Autism Awareness is inspiring to me. She is charismatic, funny and speaks her mind even when her thoughts are not popular. In life, she is a fighter and refuses to quit and I value her tenacity.”

Outside of work, Kristy enjoys nothing more than having a quiet weekend spending time with her family as it helps her to reenergize. She also loves to kayak, ride bikes, and just hang out. Kristy’s other interests include social media, TV, as well as cleaning and organizing.

Kristy has two favorite sayings:  “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” and “Fight with your strength, not with others’ weakness…as success lies in your effort, not in others’ defeat.”

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