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Surrounded by beautiful canyon lands and mountains, Mountain Home, Idaho offers modern amenities and outdoor recreation – all with the charm of small town hospitality. Only a forty-five minute drive southeast of Boise, Mountain Home is the county seat of Elmore County and home to an estimated 2012 population of 13,791 residents. Both the city and county possess an interesting history.

Established in 1894, Elmore County was once called Alturas County (‘alturas’ is Spanish for ‘high altitude’ or ‘elevation’). Prior to its establishment, many pioneers travelled through Alturas County on the Oregon Trail to their final destinations in California or Oregon between 1840 and 1862. While some pioneers settled along the trail as merchants to meet the supply needs of the wagon trains that came through the area, true settlements did not being until the discovery of gold in the early 1860’s. The mining communities of Rocky Bar and Atlanta sprang up and consisted of the largest concentrations of the area’s population. In 1876, Mountain Home was established as a post office at Rattlesnake Station, a stop on the stagecoach route between Salt Lake City, Utah and Walla Walla, Washington.

Not long after mining communities came into being, farmers and ranchers began settling in the county, too. “Settlement was encouraged by the offer of up to 320 acres to each individual who could make the required land improvements and locate water.” Land developers and the railroad attracted farm and ranch families to the area by touting Mountain Home as a “garden spot” of the region and promising “successful crops, plentiful water, and a healthful climate.” While their claims were overstated, the land was capable of successfully producing a wide variety of crops, such as fruit orchards and grain, while sustaining an assortment of livestock, including sheep, cattle and horses.

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