Top Q2 Lenders Announced by Idaho Housing and Finance Association

Alliance Title joins in congratulating the Idaho Housing and Finance Association’s top lenders of Q2. These lenders and loan originators closed the highest number of Idaho Housing loans in their respective regions in the second quarter of 2013. 

  • North Idaho – Mountain West Bank
    • Top Loan Originator – Veronica Garnsey, Axia Home Loans
  • Lewis Clark Valley – Sterling Savings Bank
    • Top Loan Originator – Gina Lewis, Sterling Savings Bank
  • Southwest Idaho – Academy Mortgage Corporation
    • Top Loan Originator – Corey Newell, Evergreen Home Loans
  • South Central Idaho –  Guild Mortgage Company
    • Top Loan Originator – Debbie Owen, Guild Mortgage Company
  • Southeast Idaho – D.L. Evans Bank
    • Top Loan Originator – Shelli Jones, D.L. Evans Bank
  • Eastern Idaho – InterWest Mortgage
    • Top Loan Originator – Joni Fleenor, InterWest Mortgage

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