Associate Spotlight – Roberta Grech

Roberta Grech, Administrative Assistant - Emmett, Idaho

Roberta Grech is the Administrative Assistant for Alliance Title’s Emmett, Idaho branch and has been with the company for 3 years. What she enjoys most about what she does is providing customer service. Roberta says, “I enjoy helping people solve problems, helping my team work to get the file researched and finally closed, or just directing people where they need to be.” As a big proponent of quality customer service, Roberta believes that a person who is responsible for customer service should fulfill their duty to the best of their ability.

Teamwork is Roberta’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She believes that in order to successfully complete the work that is expected of her branch that everyone must be able to work together well. Roberta explains, “It takes everyone on the team to make it happen.”

Outside of work Roberta loves snow skiing in the winter, camping in the summer, traveling to Hawaii every two years and hanging out with her husband, kids, grandkids and friends. She says, “There is nothing better in this world than spending time with them.”

Her favorite saying originates from a Catholic Father –“Own it.” To Roberta, taking ownership in life is a valuable trait. Instead of making excuses, Roberta says, “just own it,” face the consequences and move on with life.

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