Associate Spotlight – Christina Menke

Christina Menke – Title Assistant, Kalispell, MT

Christina Menke is a Title Assistant in Alliance Title’s Kalispell, Montana branch and has been with the company for six years. Her job duties entail opening new orders, setting up recordings, typing commitments, assisting with policies, fulfilling customer service requests, performing updates and assisting management with turn times. Christina enjoys the variety of tasks in her day and being able to test her mind.

Alliance Title strives to provide accurate, timely, enthusiastic and consistent service to their customers every day. Christina is a big proponent of these ambitions because, she says, “I was in the Air Force and the sense of professionalism is similar to our values. I love the rush of meeting deadlines and also strive for high attention to detail of the accuracy. In general, I have a healthy dose of enthusiasm and long for consistency.”

Her favorite Alliance core values are service, integrity, trust and respect, and teamwork. She says, “I have always had strong service skills. Having a high sense of respect/integrity is important to me.” Christina really enjoys the camaraderie and teamwork in her office and explains, “It means a lot to me when I say we got a good thing here and I think it shows in our work!”

Title Officer, Suzanne Smith, works with Christina in the Kalispell branch and is the person that she admires the most. She says, “Suzanne is a wonderful wealth of knowledge! I’ve learned so much about the industry from her.”

Outside of work, Christina enjoys spending time with her family. Her other interests include Zuma and arranging wedding flowers.

Christina’s favorite saying is, ‘Live simply so others may simply live.’ She says, “I came across this saying in high school. It really resonated with me and my ideals at the time. It reminds me of creating a small carbon footprint for the future.”

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