Simple & Green – The Environmentally-Friendly Home

Now days, more and more consumers are looking to buy energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes or are looking for ways to make their homes greener with upgrades and remodeling. Indeed, green living has become much more mainstream. Based on a study by McGraw-Hill Construction, green homes made up 17% of single-family home construction in 2011. What is more, demand for green building materials is anticipated to grow by 11% annually through 2017

Green remodeling and renovations have also seen consistent growth over the past few years. The McGraw-Hill Construction study revealed that “remodelers are increasing levels of green involvement more rapidly…as customers reap the benefits of lower bills and higher home values.” 

Even if you are not ready to buy a green home or take on a large-scale green remodeling project, there are simple and green things you can do around your home now. From changing your air filters on a regular basis to installing low-flow toilets, these 10 tips from AOL Real Estate can help point you in the right direction to having an environmentally-friendly home:

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