Simple & Green – Repurposing Around the House

A simple and green way to be more environmentally friendly is to repurpose items around your home. Repurposing in the ‘green-living’ world is a great way to reduce waste, save money, and helps us get the full life out of the products we consume. With a little bit of creativity, some repurposed items can be works of art while maintaining functionality like a bird feeder made with a milk carton or plastic bottle. If you have a green thumb and enjoy gardening, repurposing things like furniture, colanders and yogurt containers can bring some ingenuity and imagination to your yard. 

Even if you are not the creative type, there are other methods of repurposing items such as reusing dryer sheets. Click here to see 20 ideas on how to repurpose dryer sheets around your home and in your car. When it comes to repurposing items around your home, you will find the possibilities are endless! For more simple and green repurposing ideas, go to

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