For-Sale Inventory in Boise Eased Slightly in April

Earlier this month, Zillow blogged about the for-sale inventory constraints in the United States and analyzed inventory data for 100 metropolitan areas, including Boise, Idaho. On a national level, Zillow determined that as of April 10th, for-sale inventory was 15% less than a year ago. However, when analyzing the for-sale inventory on April 24th, Zillow found that the for-sale inventory was down by 14.4% from a year ago. When comparing the inventory percentages for the two dates (April 10th and April 24th), Zillow observed a 0.6% easing in inventory constraints nationwide within that two week time period. 

Boise has also been experiencing a shortage of for-sale inventory. On April 10th, Boise’s inventory was 6.9% below a year ago while on April 24th, Boise’s inventory was only 3.8% lower than a year ago. Zillow’s analysis of inventory data between April 10th and April 24th showed that Boise’s inventory constraints eased by 3.08 percentage points. 

To see the year-over-year inventory changes to Boise’s top, middle and bottom tier homes, or to view all of the metro areas analyzed by Zillow, go to

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