Simple & Green – e-Waste Recycling

Spring is a great time to purge out those closets and other in-home storage spaces like the garage or attic. Many of the items in our homes that we are no longer using, such as clothes, appliances, furniture and household décor, can be repurposed by donating them to a local thrift store or selling them in a yard/garage sale. But, what do you do with the electronics in your home that may or may not work anymore, such as TVs, cell phones, computers and computer equipment? 

The Consumer Electronics Association estimated in 2008 that “Americans now own approximately 24 electronic products per household.” With continual technological advances in household and personal electronics, consumers are frequently updating to the latest models of cell phones, laptops, televisions and other devices. That means a lot of e-waste (electronic waste) is being generated. While electronic waste only makes up 2% of landfill mass, it is responsible for 70% of the heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, and lead) found within landfills. 

So, if you cannot repurpose your used electronics, consider e-waste recycling. It’s a simple and green solution! To find e-waste recycling centers in your area, go to

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