Associate Spotlight – Patricia Nickell-Zimmerman

Patricia Nickell-Zimmerman – Escrow Officer, Driggs, Idaho

Patricia Nickell-Zimmerman has been an Escrow Officer in Alliance Title’s Driggs, Idaho branch for almost three years. She appreciates the core values established by Alliance Title, especially Teamwork and Accountability. Patricia believes that these two core values have driven the Driggs branch to be successful in the marketplace. Since Driggs is a small office of three team members, they have to be willing to help and assist each other to ensure that client expectations are being met. Patricia elaborates on this point when she talks about Escrow Assistant, Nicole Tonks, and Vice President and General Manager, Brian Gibson. She says, “Nicole is exceptional in assisting me and clearly understands that we are accountable to the client for a timely, efficient and accurate closing. Brian is always willing to step in, as well, to help out whenever we need an extra hand. Their efforts, along with those of the title officers, create the core team that has allowed our little branch to meet and exceed goals on a regular basis.”

Patricia’s most successful career motto has been, “What is the question behind the question?” She explains, “As we have all experienced, communication can be difficult. I have found that to provide the best customer service, I have to be able to place myself in the position of our clients, some who may not know our industry terms but want a concise answer.”

When asked who she admires the most and why, Patricia says, “I fully admire the members of our military and the families that support their endeavors. As the mother of a Marine Officer, I see the struggles that their jobs create in their personal lives and the pride that they have in serving their country. I believe that they are underappreciated and their sacrifices professionally and personally are not highlighted nearly enough.”

In her spare time, Patricia likes to golf, although she says, “I am not that good at it!” Because she feels that it is important to keep learning, Patricia takes a college course a semester. Since her husband lives and works in Medford, Oregon as a Supervisory Forester for the US Forest Service, Patricia is a Sky Miles frequent flyer member. Patricia has three children. Her son who is a Marine Officer is in the pilot training program. She has another son who will be graduating as a Civil Engineer this spring and has taken a job with the Idaho Transportation Department in Lewiston, Idaho. And, she has a daughter who is a junior in high school and is active in the high school dance team. Patricia says, “Consequently, a lot of my time is spent cheering her on and planning for college.”

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