HUD’s ‘Buyer Select’ Program Launched in Idaho and Washington

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has launched their pilot closing agent program called ‘Buyer Select’ in Idaho and Washington. Effective February 24th in Idaho and February 27th in Washington, buyers whose contracts have been completed on or after these dates in Idaho or Washington “will be required to select their own escrow company.” Selling agents will then be required to provide a completed addendum with the name and contact information of the selected escrow company which “must be submitted with the contract package at the time of the bid acceptance.” For more information regarding this program, and to download instructions and forms, please visit for Idaho and for Washington.

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3 comments on “HUD’s ‘Buyer Select’ Program Launched in Idaho and Washington

  1. I am so excited for our local escrow officers to be able to work with their local realtors to get these closing transactions completed. It will be great to get the “personal” touch back into a HUD sale transaction! Buyers and realtors across the State will benefit from this change in HUD policy!

  2. It did not say however, that HUD would provide and pay for the Title Policy.

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