Architectural Styles Vary by State and Region

Earlier this month, Zillow looked at single family homes in various states to determine if home architectural styles are regional. The common architectural styles Zillow reviewed included bungalows, Cape Cod-style homes, colonial-style homes, contemporary and modern to name a few. What they found was that architectural styles “tend to vary by region and even by state within a region” and colonial and ranch/rambler style homes were some of the most popular in the country.

In the western region, Zillow looked as states such as Montana, Washington and Wyoming. Ranch/rambler style homes were most prevalent in all three states. Both Wyoming and Montana had log cabin/rustic home styles with Montana having some bungalow style homes as well. Washington also had bungalows, but traditional styled homes were also common in the area.

To see pictures of home architectural styles and Zillow’s other state and regional findings, go to

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