December 2012 Home Prices are Up 8.3% Over December 2011

Including distressed home sales, home prices rose 8.3% in December 2012 in a year-over-year comparison to December 2011 based on CoreLogic’s Home Price Index report. In a month-over-month comparison, also including distressed sales, home prices rose 0.4% over November. Excluding distressed sales, the change in home price appreciation was 7.5% greater in December 2012 over December 2011 and 0.9% greater in December over November.

Idaho again made the top five states that had the greatest home price appreciation when including distressed sales. The top five states were Arizona (+20.2%), Nevada (+15.3), Idaho (+14.6%), California (+12.6%), and Hawaii (+12.5%). However, when excluding distressed sales, Idaho did not make the top five states with the greatest home price appreciation. Instead, those states were Arizona (+16.4%), Nevada (+14.7%), California (+12.8%), Hawaii (+11.7%), and North Dakota (+10.8%). To see CoreLogic’s full report, go to

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