What Makes Us the Employer of Choice? Our Sabbatical Program

Janielle Hedt, IS Administrator for Alliance Title, had the opportunity to spend time in Europe during her sabbatical. This trip of a lifetime was a gift from her children. We are grateful that Janielle was able to make the time in her busy travels to keep a blog of her adventures with her friend, Jeannine. To read about the locations they visited, and to view the breath-taking photos on her blog, go to http://abroadseurope2012.blogspot.com/

When asked to share her thoughts about her sabbatical, Janielle stated, “Thank you and much appreciation to my employer Alliance Title & Escrow for giving me a sabbatical and making this trip a possibility. You are truly an inspiration to companies everywhere. You are a lovely example of treating your employees with compassion and appreciation. I will be with you until it’s time for me to go to a nursing home – whether you want me or not!”

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