The Overall Prevalence of Hunger in Our Nation

You may have heard or read that hunger and food insecurity is a widespread issue throughout our country – in every state and every county. But, are you familiar with the statistical data that represents how prolific hunger is in our nation? offers ‘Map the Meal Gap’ on their website which is a comprehensive heat map that shows the overall population and child population food insecurity statistics in 2010 on national, state and county levels.

Here are a few numbers to consider:

The overall national population percentage of food insecurity in 2010 was 16.1%, or 48,832,000 people. In the states where Alliance Title operates, the overall population food insecurity rates in 2010 are as follows:  Idaho 17% or 267,620 people; Montana 14.5% or 144,140 people; Washington 15.9% or 1,069,360 people; and Wyoming 12.2% or 68,760 people. To use the ‘Map the Meal Gap’ map to learn more about hunger in your state and/or county, go to

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