What Drives Homebuyer Sales in the Fall?

In an attempt to answer this question, ERA Real Estate surveyed over 30,000 brokers and agents and discovered that the majority of homebuyers in the fall were first-time homebuyers, making up 27% of all buyers. So, what are the advantages to buying in the fall?

Vice president for Re/Max, LLC’s corporate communications, Shaun White, believes that “the advantages of buying in the fall include highly motivated sellers and less competition.” He says, “Some sellers will opt to lower their price in the fall because they’re afraid of missing the boat and being stuck trying to sell during the holidays. Buyer traffic drops in the fall, too, so buyers may have less competition as well as better prices. You find motivated sellers and motivated buyers in the fall, especially as you get closer to the holidays.”

To read more about the mixture of fall buyers the ERA Real Estate survey revealed, go to: http://bit.ly/Q4yagl

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