Associate Spotlight – Dee Solom

Dee Solom 

Senior Title Officer

Lewiston, Idaho

Dee Solom has been with Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. for an outstanding 36 years. Although Dee had title experience prior to joining the company, Alliance Title is pleased that she chose to make the Lewiston, ID branch her career home.

Daily learning and problem solving challenges are welcomed by Dee. She enjoys the variety of work experiences that allow for learning and interaction with the public and her fellow associates. Especially rewarding to her are those opportunities for creative problem-solving to ensure a successful end result.

When asked what her favorite core value is and why, she responded, “Service and integrity. I believe Alliance is dedicated to providing excellent service and maintaining the highest standards of integrity.”

Bob Hamilton and Suzie Colbry are two of her fellow associates whom she greatly esteems. “They are always there to answer questions and help solve problems. They make my job easier,” she says.

Outside of work Dee enjoys fishing, working in her yard, especially with her flowers, and reading.

Dee believes we can all alter our lives by altering our attitudes, which is why her favorite quote is “As you think, so shall you be.”

Dee can be reached via email at or by phone at (208) 743-8541.

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