Associate Spotlight – Alec Cindrich

Alec Cindrich

Customer Service Representative

Meridian, Idaho


Alec began his career with Alliance Title & Escrow as a Customer Service Representative in November 2003, after having previous experience as a Locator and Title Officer. His job responsibilities include assisting internal and external customers in acquiring property information for parcels all over the state of Idaho.

Alec’s favorite part of being in customer service is simply that – serving the customer.  “Each call, email, and request is different from the last thus making each request unique and important,” he says.

When asked what his favorite core value is and why, he responded, “Choosing a favorite core value is like picking my favorite child.  In all seriousness, there is a reason why these core values were chosen and I sincerely believe they are all critical to our success.”

Alec strives to exemplify Alliance’s core values and he recognizes those value traits in others. “My admiration is spread far and wide – I do believe everyone has qualities that need to be admired,” he says.  “But if I must choose specific people whom I admire I would say my parents, sister, and my wonderful wife and our two children.  They have all done so many things great in this world and I cannot wait for what is next.  They have all played a large role in who I am.”

Outside of work Alec can be found spending time with his family, on the softball field, at the hockey rink or officiating wedding ceremonies.

Alec believes the world is full of opportunities for tolerance which is why he coined the phrase, “The only thing I have ever taken offense to is my backyard.” He says, “If we want to share Earth with everyone else, we need to learn to accept everyone for who they are and what they can become.”

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