Meet our Afton, Wyoming Branch

Left to right: Gloria Byers, Jill Larson, and Lisa Spaulding

“Come to Afton, Wyoming and experience some small town hospitality!”

“Located in beautiful Star Valley, Afton has a population of 1,950 and sits at 6,239 feet above sea level.

Native Americans and Fur Trappers first inhabited Star Valley. The Valley soon became a stop for Mormon settlers looking for better opportunities for their families.”

“Visitors to Afton are welcomed into town by the world’s largest Elk Antler Arch, which is made of over 3,000 antlers.

Local attractions include the Intermittent Springs, CallAir Museum, and the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. Afton is also home to Cutter/Chariot Racing, the Snowmobile Hill Climb Challenge in the winter, and the Lincoln County Fair in the summer.

Outdoor enthusiasts” flock to Afton as there “are a variety of activities to choose from, such as fishing, hiking, and camping.”

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