What Makes Us the Employer of Choice? Our Sabbatical Program

Ronald Rusher, a Locator in our Boise, Idaho office shares his perspective of Alliance Title & Escrow’s sabbatical program and his personal experience:

“My thought about the sabbatical program that Alliance Title started is that the program is a nice idea.  It is great that Alliance Title rewards their associates that have been with them for years with a month off.  It is nice to have a month without having to get up early and come into work.  One is able to rest and to do some things that they may not otherwise have time to do.  The month away from work is a nice reward.  I think that every associate is appreciative of Alliance Title’s sabbatical program.
The first week of my sabbatical I took a trip.  The rest of it, I stayed at home.  I was able to get several things done around the house and to do a lot relaxing and reading.  Simply the time away from work is rewarding.  One doesn’t have to travel the whole month, which sometimes can be hectic.”
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