What Makes Us the Employer of Choice? Our Sabbatical Program

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a Company that would allow you to plan a 30 day ‘vacation’ away from work and still get paid? There is a reason that Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. was selected as ‘one of 2010’s top 10 best places to work in Idaho’. Alliance Title truly is a great company to work for. Alliance Title has a ‘Sabbatical’ program for its employees that allow them to qualify for and take four weeks off with pay. I was able to qualify for this benefit during June/July 2011. My wife, Sheila, and I wanted to take a cruise to Alaska and have the time to enjoy our vacation. We didn’t rush through our vacation like other times but really enjoyed ourselves with four full weeks planned to perfection. It was like a wish come true. It’s no cliché, just the truth. Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. really does care about its employees and it shows. – written by Clarence Gummow, VP and Business Development Director



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