Peace of Mind

At Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. we want you to have peace of mind that the information you give to us is treated appropriately. To do so, we thought it might be helpful to discuss our role as an Escrow Agent.  

As your escrow agent, we act as a neutral/unbiased third party and coordinate the closing activities. We require that specific escrow instructions be signed by the buyer and seller in order to close the transaction. We hold monies and legal documents and handle them according to their mutually agreed upon instructions. All sensitive information is processed in a confidential manner with security measures in place to protect the integrity of the parties involved in the transaction.

Knowing that the escrow officer you choose will perform the above duties seamlessly is probably very important to you.  We want you to know that at Alliance we take this very seriously. We believe that your peace of mind is the true measure of our success.

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