Optimist Cheerleading Camp

Three Alliance Title Escrow Assistants (Melissa Allen from the Meridian branch, Sadie Robbs from the Eagle branch, and Tina Salisbury from the Nampa branch) volunteered as cheerleading coaches in the 2011 Optimist Cheerleading Camp in Boise, Idaho on August 13th. The camp is held each year, 1 week prior to the start of the Optimist Football Season and is for 500 four to twelve year old cheerleaders. All coaches are volunteers and practice the material for the camp three weeks prior to the big day. As an added bonus for the camp attendees, about 60 local high school cheer squads volunteered as mentors.    

Left to right: Melissa Allen, Sadie Robbs, and Tina Salisbury

Early morning wake up call for campers

Finale' performance by the Boise State Mane Line Dancers

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