Linda Walker, Alliance Title-Twin Falls, is retiring after decades of service to the title industry.

Linda Walker

 Visions of camping, hours spent reading, cooking at leisure and not worring about deadlines and documents …….That is what Linda Walker sees on her horizon!!! Truly, after almost 40 years in the title and escrow business, she is retiring while she is young enough to tell stories in the smoky campfire light to her grandchildren. 

Linda began her career as an Escrow Officer in 1970 when the title plant that is now Alliance Title and Escrow Corp. was Twin Falls Title and Trust (TFT&T). After five years with TFT&T, she moved to Canada and worked in the business with conveyance attorneys for 5 years. 

She then moved to Salem, Oregon and worked at Willamette Valley Title & Escrow. After 5 years there, she moved back to Twin Falls where she worked for First American Title until 1994 where she moved over to Security Title. 

Security Title took on the name of several companies before eventually being purchased by Alliance Title & Escrow, but through all that, Linda was a common thread. Linda was president of the Idaho Escrow Association and also took on the mantle of Vice President and General Manager of the Twin Falls Branch for several years, then moved back to the work she loved as an Escrow Officer. 

So after years of searching, she has discovered what she wants to be when she grows up – a grandma. With her love of reading, cooking, camping and anything family related, we know she will once again excel in this new full-time endeavor. What grandma could offer more to her grandchildren? Those of us in the business will miss her knowledge and abilities. But her warmth, love and time will benefit those who most deserve it, her family. 

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One comment on “Linda Walker, Alliance Title-Twin Falls, is retiring after decades of service to the title industry.

  1. Congratulations Linda, I am happy that you are able to retire and spend more time with your family. I wish you only the best in your future “fun” time. Thank you for the opportunity that you gave to me when I worked at Alliance. I enjoyed working with you.
    Rachel Petty
    Corry, PA

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