Congratulations to Henry and Eric for Running The YMCA Famous Potato Marathon

Henry and Eric began running in May 2009 by training for the Suncrest Half-Marathon in Draper, Utah. They made it through the race battered but willing to go again so in January 2010 Eric managed to convince Henry to join him in a full marathon.  They began to train in January of this year on the treadmill due to snow and ice. They progressively worked up in mileage from 3 miles to 20 miles over an 18 week period.

They decided to run the YMCA Famous Idaho Potato Marathon in Boise on May 15th. Henry, at the age of 50, and Eric began their adventure at 8:00 a.m. from Lucky Peak to Ann Morrison Park. Everything considered, they made it through their first marathon. As horrible of an experience it might seem to those who do not run, they laughed and smiled the entire way.

Gluttonous for punishment they are already planning future runs, Eric will run the Teton Damm half-marathon on June 12th while Henry is back East. They will both run the Top of Utah Marathon in Logan, Utah on September 18th.  GOOD LUCK!

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