Saving Costs By Changing Your Font

A lot of hope has been pinned on the hopes and dreams of the paperless office.  Years ago email was hailed at the savior of printing and paper costs, after all we could now share documents, read them on our computers, and send all sorts of memorandum, and it never has to be printed out.  It can be saved, filed, and archived.  Fast forward, and you still see people on the airplane reading hard copies of their email.  People still print out the 50 page PowerPoint presentations.  In the end, email has had the opposite affect on paper consumption.

The rise in paper consumption has also led to the rise in toner consumptions.  Since it is more difficult to fix the habits of individuals who will print without a second thought, what are the other mechanisms a company can use to save costs and resources?  NPR interviewed a professor from the University of Wisconsin who contacted the university IT department upon hearing about Ecofont, a font with tiny holes to reduce ink usage, but after a quick study the computer technicians could do just as well with a font already on their computers: Century Gothic.

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