Did you know our branch facilities were rated as good or excellent by 98%* of our customers?

Every time you visit an Alliance Title office, we want you to feel comfortable and treated like a guest. We achieve that by ensuring each branch location is clean and neat with attentive, friendly faces ready to confidently help you with your transaction.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

Your staff did a wonderful job of accommodating my crazy schedule in relation to my distance from your location. Thank you so much for all you did!! – Nancy J.

It’s been wonderful to work with Steve Jewett and Erin Dixon. They communicated nicely with us and our Realtor, Lisa Cunningham, answering all our questions on time and in a manner that we all understood. – Mario & Maria C.

My closing agent was absolutely fabulous. She was fast but very, very efficient. I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. Everything was clearly explained to me. Fabulous. – Heath & Brooke C.

Our escrow officer, Lynnette Miller, at the Sandpoint, Idaho branch was wonderful. She went beyond the call of duty to keep in touch with us. She explained every detail always with a smile on her face and in her voice. She was a lifesaver during the days leading up to our crazy closing. – William & Barbara F.

They made the process quick, easy and stress free for us. Explaining everything as much as we needed. – Marla A. & Emmitt J.

We were very pleased with the closing and the presentation of the closing documents by our closing agent, Dennise Davidson. She was very professional and yet flexible enough to meet our needs. – James & Rosalie V.

*Based on customer satisfaction survey responses.

Employee Spotlight – Isabel Villalobos

Isabel Villalobos
Title Officer – Nampa, ID

Isabel Villalobos is a Title Officer III at our Nampa, Idaho office and has been with Alliance for 16 years. From ensuring title insurance policies are meeting customers’ needs to answering general questions and creating a memorable customer experience, Isabel’s position as a Title Officer always allows for learning opportunities and exceeding expectations.

Out of Alliance Title’s Core Values, “accountability” and “integrity” are Isabel’s two favorites. She explains:

“A lot of my risk assessment decisions will forever impact my customers. If I’m insuring new owners, the decisions I make today will make an impact forever. I must be accountable for the decisions I make and have integrity in making those decisions. If I place integrity behind my risk assessment, putting not only the company, but my clients in the forefront, I know I’ll make the right decision and stand behind it without hesitation.”

It’s probably safe to say that being with Alliance for 16 years, Isabel likes what she does. She says why:

“It’s interesting. The chain of the title and property search tells a story that I find interesting. Last year I moved right smack dab into the middle of an escrow office and the stories from agents and clients are always intriguing. And, really, at the end of the day, we are making dreams come true and really helping people, whether purchasing a new house or getting out of an old house, I enjoy finding a way to make a home insurable with very little burden on them.”

Isabel admires her paternal grandmother the most. Her grandmother was once an immigrant and raised nine children to become successful and proud individuals. Isabel says her grandmother achieved all of this “without much more education than knowing how to sign her name.”

“She is the woman that taught not only myself, but my large family what it means to be hard working, upstanding and respectful. To fight, strive and succeed at whatever life hands you. There is no challenge that you cannot overcome by taking it head on.”

Outside of the office, Isabel likes to spend time with her one and three year old daughters. Activities include Mommy-And-Me dance classes and many games of Ring Around The Rosie and Peek-A-Boo. She says, “I’ve always been family oriented, so spending quality time with my family and friends is important.” She also mentions that if she gets a moment to herself, she loves reading a good book.

Isabel’s favorite quote is: “Life is a diner, you get what you order.”

The Cost of Title Insurance is Worth The Investment

The cost of insurance varies by the type of insurance you need. Title insurance is an upfront cost with a price tag some may not expect, but all the potentially scary and stressful situations it protects you and your family from makes buying a policy a no-brainer. Check out this article provided by the American Land Title Association’s Home Closing 101 site that details why title insurance is well worth the investment:


And the winners are…

Our annual company-wide Steps Challenge has come to a close for 2017. The challenge ran from June 1 until August 31. As an organization, we’ve accrued 69,721,393 steps, which averages out to be 34,860 miles* per person!


Congratulations to the 2017 Alliance Steps Challenge winners!


Individual average step categories and winners:

15,000 – Loc Lentsch (Parkcenter)

10,000 – Reana Garcia (Meridian)

5,000 – Michelle Mays (Coeur d’Alene)


Branch winner: Coeur d’Alene

With Meridian and Blackfoot in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.


Congratulations to this year’s winners and thank you to everyone who participated!


*Approximately 2000 steps equals 1 mile

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Communicate + Connect

Millennial homebuyers and sellers are constantly connected and communicating through the latest technology. For many of them, buying or selling a home is a first and can be scary, so communicating with them on a level they’re comfortable with can help build trust and calm those fears.

Be an Expert
Millennials value people who know what they’re talking about. They expect you to guide them through the process with your expert market knowledge. Setting expectations early builds trust and makes your clients feel comfortable.

Create a solid branding strategy. With so many different options to choose from and not much knowledge about the process, clients are highly likely to pick the brand that they’re familiar with and sets itself apart from the competition. Utilize social media to grow your brand and connect with leads.

Digital Documents
Make things easy and convenient for your clients by offering digital versions of documents. Allowing them to fill documents and forms out online saves time, paper, ink and reduces the chances for errors.

Follow Up
Be available, be proactive and be quick. Millennials are used to instant gratification and aren’t so much into phone calls as they are texting. Follow up through either text messaging or email to communicate quickly and to let them know you’re there for them.

Connect with your local Alliance Title representative to see how we make communication convenient for your clients!

When Do I Get My Keys?

Purchasing a property isn’t as simple as just writing a check and getting the keys. So when do you get the keys?

Typically, the process of going to the title company to sign documents (the signing) is thought of as the ‘closing’ and new buyers often anticipate getting the keys to their new home then.

Even though the signing is a very important step in the closing process, the transaction does not actually ‘close’ until the funds are provided to the title company and the deed to transfer title is recorded at the county courthouse. This can take place either a day or a few after signing.

Check out the Buyer/Seller Guide we’ve put together for more information on what happens during the purchase or sale of a property.

Employee Spotlight – Kristy Anstine

Kristy Anstine
Escrow Officer – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Kristy Anstine is an Escrow Officer at Alliance Title’s Coeur d’Alene, Idaho office and has been with the company since July 2003. As an Escrow Officer, her job is to act as an independent third party coordinating the important and necessary tasks involved with the transfer of real estate ownership.

Teamwork is the aspect Kristy enjoys the most about her role. Leading the escrow team at her branch and troubleshooting ways to close transactions more efficiently is an exciting challenge that she gets to take on every day. She also enjoys educating lenders and real estate agents about what Alliance Title does and how the organization can better serve them.

“Profitability” is Kristy’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She says, “All other aspects of our core values — service, teamwork and accountability — all stand to support the bottom line. If we are not profitable, it doesn’t matter how well I service our clients because we will be out of business. We’ve got to make sure that the decisions we execute make business sense.”

Kristy admires Jenny McCarthy the most because she says, “We both have sons on the Autism spectrum. To see the way she fights for her son and champions for Autism Awareness is inspiring to me. She is charismatic, funny and speaks her mind even when her thoughts are not popular. In life, she is a fighter and refuses to quit and I value her tenacity.”

Kristy’s favorite quotes are:
“This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.”
“Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack.”

Outside of work, Kristy is married and has five kids together with her husband, Jeff. Organizing is her passion and she enjoys spending down time with her family because it allows her to re-energize. Kristy also loves to kayak, ride bikes and Facebook.

How to Avoid Marketing Mistakes

A robust marketing strategy is key for any size business. Some mistakes can be chalked up to learning, but some can really hurt you in both the short and long term. Check out this article from RealtyTimes to see what 9 marketing mistakes agents don’t know they make:


Guest Blogger: Eclipse Day

Amazing. Beautiful. Crazy. Words can’t really describe what I experienced when viewing the 2017 eclipse in totality in Stanley, Idaho. It was just something you’d have to experience for yourself.

My friends and I started our day waking up at 3:30AM, packing our cars and getting the dog ready to head out. We decided on Stanley, Idaho, a super small town of about 63 people northeast of Boise, as our eclipse destination because it was in the path of totality and has great views of the Sawtooth mountain range landscape.

One of my good friends from high school drove with her coworker all the way from Florida on assignment from her news station back in Orlando, interviewing people and stopping places all in the eclipse’s path of totality. After three straight days of driving from Florida to Idaho, they were exhausted, but ready to see what they came all that way for.

Despite all of the warnings that traffic would be bad heading out of Boise into the path of totality, we took our chances and didn’t experience much traffic at all. Once we got to the outskirts of Stanley, we checked out the campground and trailhead around Stanley Lake. Both were pretty full, but still manageable.

Stanley Lake – August 21, 2017

Deciding to go into town for cell and data reception, we were expecting Stanley to be completely packed, but were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. There were more people than normal for a summer morning. Food trucks and random vendors were selling things alongside the local establishments, all capitalizing on the much welcomed business. Cell and data reception were better than I remembered it ever being, too.

We found a spot to park both vehicles and hang out. Eventually we put on our eclipse glasses and started to see a small sliver taken out of the sun that eventually grew more into a crescent shape. The air gradually grew cooler and the surroundings started to dim into a greyish, gunmetal color. The Sawtooth mountains behind us started to glow as the eclipse reached totality and near darkness overcame everything.

After snapping some photos and starting recording a video on my phone, I was able to stare at the magic taking place in the sky. Other eclipse watchers were cheering and some were literally howling at the moon. I didn’t really see what my dog was doing during the eclipse, but it’s likely he had a look of confusion on his face with all of the howling surrounding us.

Two minutes and some change was not long enough. It didn’t look real and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Total Solar Eclipse in Stanley, Idaho

Before we knew it, the sun came blasting around the other side of the moon and it was difficult, not to mention dangerous, to view the last part of the eclipse without eclipse glasses. Not believing it was over, the howlers around us could be heard yelling “Go back! Come back!”

We hung out just a little while longer before packing back up. My friend and her coworker planned to stay a little longer because they had a few live hits they needed to be ready for during the live broadcast on the east coast.

Seeing that side of nature had me hooked and debating whether or not I should become an eclipse chaser.

—Rich Clum is the Marketing Copywriter in the Boise, Idaho corporate office.

Meet Our Twin Falls, Idaho Branch

Alliance Title’s Twin Falls, Idaho team loves their customers and the community they serve. Going above and beyond tailoring the experience to each customer, every transaction is treated like it’s the single most important transaction in the office. This is achieved by utilizing the 100 plus combined years of experience and confidence the title and escrow departments possess.

Giving back to the community the Twin Falls team loves is extremely important. Aside from the Alliance Title Closing The Hunger Gap food assistance campaign, the team is involved with other local organizations such as Rotary, Magic Valley Builders Association, Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce, Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Magic Valley Beer Festival and the Twin Falls Community Foundation.

It also doesn’t hurt having such a visually beautiful community to serve. The iconic Snake River Canyon Rim Trail is set to open thanks to the efforts of MaVTEC (Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee). Similar to the Boise River Greenbelt, the Canyon Rim Trail will have stunning overlooks of the canyon and river with miles of trail to run, walk and bike.

The Twin Falls team definitely enjoys what they do for customers, partners and their neighbors. Taking advantage of what nature has to offer and helping make sure the community flourishes are passions for Alliance Title Twin Falls.

The Twin Falls team is ready to provide title and escrow services for your next real estate transaction!

Phone: 208-733-8014

Fax: 208-734-1420

Email: twinfalls@alliancetitle.com

Address: 1411 Falls Ave E, Ste. 1315, Twin Falls, ID 83301