Meet Our Idaho Falls, Idaho Branch

Alliance Title’s Idaho Falls, Idaho team truly believes in creating and providing a superior customer experience from start to finish. With a combined 142 years of industry expertise, they work together to utilize each other’s strengths to strategize and help customers grow.

Front row, left to right: Ryan Jensen, Diane Dexter and Ron Romrell. Back row, left to right: Stephanie Olson, Laurie Cromwell, Rachael Payne, Christopher Stohl, Shannon Croft, Kathy Simmons, Whitney Gilstrap, AmyJean Skidmore and Cathy Buck (Not pictured: Tammy Long)

When asked about what the team loves most about their customers, Assistant Vice President and Assistant Manager Ryan Jensen says, “They’re loyal, refer us to their sphere of influence, don’t hesitate to express gratitude and they follow up with great compliments and feedback!”

Deeply valuing industry partners and collaborating with them, the Alliance Title Idaho Falls team is always pursuing new ways to add value to those relationships through building trust, providing resources and offering support to achieve all-around success.

Leadership is another quality that every employee possesses and demonstrates. Jensen adds that employees and customers “are extremely involved in community events and giving back.”

Since Idaho Falls is such a closely knit community, the team takes great pride in making a positive impact. They enjoy getting involved in community and local industry organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Arts Council and Rotary as well as donating food, funds and time to a variety of causes such as Alliance’s “Closing The Hunger Gap” campaign, the Humanitarian Center, shelters, soup kitchens, and causes benefitting victims of domestic violence.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This quote accurately describes the Alliance Idaho Falls team. Comprised of avid readers, hikers, golfers, quilters, campers, artists, runners and youth sport coaches, they enjoy staying active and being creative outside of the office.

The Idaho Falls, Idaho branch looks forward to being your first choice for all your title and escrow needs!


Phone: 208-524-5600

Address: 3240 S Woodruff Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Our customers tell us* consistently they would choose Alliance again

“We use Alliance Title and Escrow in the Bonner, Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Shoshone Market areas.  We appreciate the consistent service between all offices.” – Steven & Lyssa K.


“I have never had any problems with Alliance Title and they are my first choice when referring a client to a title agency. Kimi and Priscilla are outstanding and  Always available to answer any questions my clients or I might have.” – Debra H.


“I like the fact that Alliance Title and the folks they employ are down to earth, nice, excellent at their jobs and they take exceptional care of me and my clients.” – Jamie J.


Not lip service – seriously the best in all categories.  I don’t even think about using other companies. — Brandon Q.

*Based on customer satisfaction survey responses

Why 20% of Homebuyers May Not Sleep Tonight

Each year, approximately 20% of homebuyers fail to protect themselves by not getting owner’s title insurance. Unfortunately, this leaves them exposed to serious financial risk – causing endless worry and regret.

If you’re thinking of buying a home, here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your property rights, so you can rest assured once you’ve purchased your home.

Looking for Potential Threats

During the home-closing process, your title professional will help transition the home from the seller to you, the homebuyer, by examining public records. Generally, if a problem is discovered, the title professional works to resolve them before you purchase the home.

However, even after a title search is performed and you purchase your home, problems could arise that threaten your ownership rights. Examples include:

  • Undiscovered tax liens
  • Forged signatures in the chain of title
  • Recording errors
  • Undisclosed easements
  • Title claims by missing heirs* or ex-spouses

Getting owner’s title insurance protects your property rights from threats like these. Here’s a real-life example of how it works.

True Story

A family in Missouri unknowingly purchased their home from a seller who had taken out a separate $419,000 loan on the property. But this fact was not discovered during the closing process, and the family’s lender paid the seller directly instead of paying off the existing loan.

Soon, the family faced foreclosure because someone else had claim against their title. Fortunately, the family had owner’s title insurance. So the title company paid the debt and the family kept their home – and peace of mind.

This story has a positive ending, but without owner’s title insurance, the family could have faced serious costs, and even eviction.

Protect Yourself

There are two types of insurance: lender’s title insurance and owner’s title insurance.

Lender’s title insurance is required by most lenders and banks because it protects their loan investment. Usually, you purchase this policy as the homebuyer. If you only have a lender’s policy, where the outstanding loan is covered, your equity is not protected. Therefore, you could have your property rights taken away if someone else has claim to your home.

Owner’s title insurance is the policy that protects your property rights from legal and financial threats like those mentioned in the story you just read. That’s why millions of homebuyers each year make the smart decision to get owner’s title insurance. It’s a low, one-time fee that provides the peace of mind that every homebuyer deserves, for as long as you or your family* own your home. In many areas, the seller purchases the policy for you. Ask your Alliance Title professional how it’s handled in your area.

Support and Free Information

To buy your home with confidence, you need to work with a trusted title professional. Alliance Title has experts who will help you throughout the home closing process. They will also advise you on how to protect your property rights and avoid costly problems by getting owner’s title insurance. For more information, contact your local Alliance Title representative.

*Actual coverages may vary by state, company or locality. For exact term, conditions, exclusions, and limitations, contact your local Alliance Title branch.

All publications of the American Land Title Association are copyrighted and are reference herein by specific permission from the American Land Title Association (ALTA).

Employee Spotlight – Stacy Woods

Stacy Woods, Business Development Representative – Nampa, ID

Stacy Woods is a Business Development Representative for Alliance Title’s Nampa, Idaho location and has been with the company for 7 years! In her role, she works closely with lenders, real estate professionals and clients throughout the community, building and maintaining robust, long lasting relationships.

As a face of Alliance throughout the Treasure Valley, Stacy always looks forward to meeting new people. She also enjoys helping agents and lenders grow their business.

Stacy’s favorite Alliance Title core value is “Teamwork” because it takes a lot of work to close a transaction. It involves everyone on the team utilizing their strengths and skills to not only close the transaction, but make it a great client experience! She says that she has always admired her grandfather for teaching her that hard work and a strong work ethic pays off.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Stacy loves this quote because it says to do something great and challenge yourself.

Away from work, Stacy devotes time to working on her ranch and farm with her husband in Owyhee County. She also keeps busy with the 4-H and following her kids to the rodeos.

Easier Mortgage Qualifications

It used to be more difficult to qualify for a mortgage, but that will change starting this month. According to this article from CNBC, there are two major lending changes that could help millions of people qualify for a mortgage that previously couldn’t:

Closing Cost Phishing Schemes

Phishing schemes – you’ve probably heard of them, but did you know they can happen during mortgage closings and other real estate transactions? Check out this article from HousingWire to learn more about how phishing can happen and how to avoid it.

Reviews Matter

Consumers read reviews prior to selecting a service provider. The more ‘stars’ or positive reviews a REALTOR® has, the more confident the consumer is with their selection. The best way to get reviews is to ask, but what sites do you utilize? Here are a few sites we suggest:

Google is the #1 search engine in the United States. For your business to be found on Google and to be able to accept reviews, you need to set up a verified Google Plus business profile.

Yelp connects with Apple’s iOS maps and business directory. It is also the #1 site dedicated to customer reviews. Complete your Yelp profile and ask for reviews from active Yelp users.

Facebook is a place for agents to engage with prospective customers. It remains the largest social networking site with over a billion members worldwide. Asking satisfied customers to post a review on your Facebook page can be a powerful marketing tool.

Zillow has over 70 million visitors each month interested in real estate. Many still need to select a REALTOR®. Complete your Zillow profile and follow Zillow’s simple process to request reviews.

Trulia provides a one-stop solution for local residential real estate information and provides a platform for agents to build their online presence. A Trulia agent profile is needed prior to requesting customer reviews.

LinkedIn is the largest professional platform in the United States. Your customers have most likely read your profile. Asking for recommendations on LinkedIn is a great addition to your online resume.

We want you to get outstanding reviews. Count on Alliance Title to provide an exceptional customer experience for your customers.

Contact one of our friendly professionals at a location near you.


Sources: Inman: How to effortlessly use online reviews to grow your real estate business; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®: 9 Ways to Get Glowing Online Reviews; Forbes: How to Get Online Reviews For Your Business; Zillow Premier Agent: Agent Scripts: Asking Clients for Reviews; Yelp: Why Yelp?; Inman: 7 Facebook Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Never Make; Zillow: Agent Reviews and Ratings FAQs; Trulia: How to Boost Your Online Reputation with Sale Successes on Trulia

Social Media Marketing

Do you struggle generating leads? This article from Business 2 Community gives great insight to utilizing ‘The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing’ so you can help position yourself better and create more leads. With so many people using social media and so many options to choose from, clients are expecting you to stand out and engage with them.

Employee Spotlight – Brett Higley

Brett Higley, Title Officer – Rexburg, ID

Brett Higley is a Title Officer at our Rexburg, ID location and has been with the Alliance Title team since 2016. Originally from Kearns, UT, Brett moved to Idaho in 2016 and brought with him title industry experience that started in 2011.

Of Alliance’s core values, “Teamwork” is one of Brett’s favorites because it is an essential ingredient for being successful. He appreciates that when an organization takes care of its employees and employees are empowered to utilize each other’s strengths, they’re also motivated to take the best care of their clients. When a client has a great experience, it keeps them coming back and spreading the word.

“I enjoy coming to work every day, getting to learn more and work with the people around me. We all help each other in ways that make our company the best, when it comes to customer service and the needs of our clients too.”

Brett’s favorite quote is from Thomas A. Edison: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Brett explains that we tend to let the hard things in life get us down without realizing our potential and what we could do if we kept trying.

When not in the office, Brett likes to take advantage of all the great hiking and camping spots the Northwest has to offer. In addition to staying active with basketball, running and weight training, he looks forward to spending time with his kids, watching movies and relaxing.

The Life of Your Title and Escrow Transaction

Before your clients receive the keys to their new home, your title and escrow partner carries out many steps behind the scenes to ensure that the transaction and closing goes smoothly. The following example illustrates what you can expect from the beginning to the end of a typical title and escrow transaction.

Buyer and seller sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Escrow is opened with the title and escrow company and the earnest money is deposited.

Title is opened. The title officer completes the search; examines title; prepares the title commitment; reviews and sends the title commitment to the appropriate parties.

Escrow receives and reviews the title commitment to clear title (obtains payoffs, etc.).

Title provides any additional document copies and provides assistance to escrow in title clearance as needed.

Escrow receives the loan package from lender (if applicable); prepares closing documents and settlement statements and provides documents to all parties to review.

Escrow schedules closing with appropriate parties and conducts the signings with the buyer and seller.

Escrow delivers the executed loan package back to the lender (if applicable). Lender reviews, approves and orders the funding.

Escrow receives funds and instructions to record documents.

Title receives recording package from escrow. Title reviews all recording documents and dates down the title commitment. Title records the necessary documents when given the OK to record.

Escrow disburses the transaction in accordance with instructions and the settlement statement.

Transaction is complete! Title issues the appropriate title policies for the transaction.

If you have questions about your particular transaction or closing, contact your local Alliance Title representative.