AARP Names Pocatello as One of the Most Economical Places to Retire

Non-profit and advocacy organization, AARP, published an article earlier this month naming 5 cities as the most economical places to retire. According to recent surveys, retirees may not have saved enough for retirement and “many rely solely on Social Security payments.” With this in mind, AARP consulted a demographer to identify the best cities for retirees to settle down on an annual budget of $30,000 and still have funds for inexpensive entertainment and restaurants. 

Based on median home prices and property taxes, as well as lifestyle factors, AARP recognized Pocatello, Idaho as one of the best places to retire on a $30,000 a year budget. Retirees who are outdoor enthusiasts would feel right at home in Pocatello as the area offers “access to skiing, hiking, biking, horseback riding and water sports.” What is more, Pocatello’s median home price is $127,500, making housing and property taxes affordable. To read more, visit

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2 comments on “AARP Names Pocatello as One of the Most Economical Places to Retire
  1. Diane Dexter says:

    for Idaho Falls’s wonderful castle

  2. Diane Dexter says:

    My vote is for Idaho Falls

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